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       Rinse Press offers streamlined strain optimization as well as easy to follow standard operating procedures and intellectual property regarding solventless hash production. Within post-harvest production, Rinse Press removes many unnecessary processes in solventless hash production. The company also specifically aims to streamline labor and resource allocation by establishing key metrics and processes related to post harvest production and solventless hash production.

       Rinse Press was formed to serve cannabis producers and extractors with services that optimize their operations regarding the expanding and ever-increasing demand of solventless hash.

       Holland Greer founded Rinse Press in 2020 after working with various grows, extractors, and one of the largest staffing agencies in the cannabis industry for nearly 6 years. He identified a need for more standardization within the industry. Around the same time Holland began working on producing fresh frozen solventless hash and rosin. He has been constantly researching, tracking, and applying his experiences and findings ever since.

       Rinse Press aims to primarily serve the Denver area, locally, but plans to offer its services anywhere legal recreational and medical cannabis is produced domestically and eventually internationally (specifically Spanish speaking countries).

       The company at its current state is a startup in its soft launch phase. The first full year of operations will be 2021 with the hard launch occurring in Q3.

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